L3 Games Design – 3D Animation – Pixar Short film

The first shorts were made while Pixar was still a computer hardware company, and were used to sell the companies hardware products. The story of Pixar’s early short films illuminates not only the evolution of the company but also the early days of computer animation, when a small group of artists and scientists shared a single computer in a hallway, and struggled to create emotionally compelling short films.


The first Pixar Short, The Adventures of André and Wally B (1984). Created as a technical demonstration to to sell Pixar’s hardware.

Pixar uses all different types of technology in their productions. Their most prominent use of technology in the production is computers of their films. When creating a production, Pixar are able to run a software on the computers, which allows them to design different concepts, different storyboards and different types of modelling. Pixar can use all different types of softwares to produce animation in their films.

Pixar also relies on powerful and specially designed computers to use for the process of rendering.

From when Pixar was first created as a hardware developer, the company’s technology has had a massive development throughout the years with the development of the computer graphics industry. Its early short films, like Luxo Jr, and its debut industry standard software for rendering, the process of generating finished two-dimensional images from the geometry, surfacing and lighting data used to create a three-dimensional animation.



When creating a production, Pixar use digital lighting to brighten up the scene and to make it clear what is happening in the animation. Every time Pixar create an animation they use the digital lighting to make it look stage lighting has been used or to make it very similar to stage lighting. Key, fill and bounce lights and room ambience are all defined and used to enhance the mood and emotion of each scene. Lighting takes its inspiration from the colour scripts created by the art department. Animators , use ambient, omnidirectional and spotlights to create depth, shadows and moods.
Rendering is the act of gathering all individual clips or files to create one final product, this will include; sets, colour and character movements. Pixar have what they call a ‘RenderMan’ which is there software that gathers all individual pixels of every image from the model, animation, shading and lighting.
Using powerful computers, all of the digital information that the animators have created is assembled into a single frame of film. For Pixar to fully render an animation it could take an average of six hours to render one frame of an animated film.  Pixar animated films are produced at a frame rate of 24 frames per second (fps). For a 90 minute film, that’s nearly 130,000 frames of animation. At Pixar an individual animator is expected to produce 100 frames of animation a week.

L3 Games Design: Task 1 – Playing Cluedo

Strategy: The strategy for playing cluedo is to find out who the killer is. To do this you must throw the dice and try and get to each room, once in those room you must create rumours to find out if any other players have the cards of the rumour you have just made up, if any of them do then you can cross out that card on your sheet, until you come to a point where you know who the killer is.

Information set: The information that you get when playing cluedo is that each player will give you the answer to your rumour that you have just said, for example if you say, Plum with the bat in the guest room, if anyone has either of them cards they must show you discreetly without any other player seeing the card.

Payoff: The payoff that you get at the end of playing cluedo is that you have beaten everyone to find out who the killer was.



Animation – Warburton’s StoryBoard


This is the start of my Warburton’s animation project. I’ve started of with a simple storyboard using pencil and then went over that with a fine liner just to make the drawings a bit easier for me to see when I transfer the storyboard onto PhotoShop. I chose to do Tom and Jerry because it is a show that I am very familiar with and I thought that it would be something that I would enjoy when creating an animation about.

Advertising Campaigns

  • This advert is all about Nike advertising there-selves and there involvement in sports, mainly football.
  •  The advert is mainly focused sport fanatics because this advert may not appeal to you if you are not into sports and do not understand what the advert is about.
  • It’s showing teenagers playing in a park and then the game going into one massive televised football match, this could be showing teenagers turning into football superstars because that’s what they may feel like when playing football or it’s who they look up to.
  • Wearing Nike football boots could mean that you do play as good as the professional players.
  • This advert does also show how being a professional player can get you the luxuries in life and that the opposite sex are attracted to you more.

Sound Loops: Police Response

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.16.32

This clip here is a sound loop of police responding to an incident. Firstly I gathered all the sounds that I wanted for it of free sound and downloaded them onto my desktop. Secondly I transferred them onto Adobe Audition where I created the sound loop for it. Once the sounds were on Audition I would play around with the sounds to create different effects for the sound loop. The first image is showing me editing the sound clips in Adobe Audition and the second image is my final piece uploaded onto SoundCloud.

30 images of Lancashire


These 30 images are all about Lancashire and is just a brief introduction to Lancashire. These images include the famous places or people in or from Lancashire. Each different picture represents something different there is in Lancashire.  Lancashire has a lot of different attractions that people are able to visit. Apart from the different museums and castles etc Lancashire has an attraction that sings. This is called the singing tree, this sings a tune through the pipes it is built from when the wind passes through it.

Evaluation For My Final Poster

For this assignment I had to create a poster to advise a festival for architecture. My first job was to research a modernist poster and post modernist poster to get an idea of how they are designed and what is included in a poster so the message gets across.

To get ideas of what different poster I could make I done a few sketches in my sketch book to get a rough idea of the different designs that I could do.

The poster I had to create was for an architectural event that was happening in 2016. So I thought because it’s architecture I will get an image of an architectural building, that I would then develop for my poster. Once I found the image I wanted I then transferred that image onto Photoshop where I would edit and develop it to make it my own poster.

For this task I did have to create three posters for the same event but each poster would be different, and then I would choose what poster I think I did the best on and the one the looks the best to make as my final poster for the architectural event. For my three designs I kept with the same building but gave each poster there own different style in whether that be change of colour of giving the poster an effect.

For my posters I first started of with having all of them same and just changing the colour of each poster. Then I thought that I do need to change each one a bit just so they weren’t all just the same. For two of the poster they are just a different colour to each other but with different things on each poster. For the other poster I wanted to make it a but different from the others because I was intending to make it my final design. To make it different from the other two posters I added a blur effect to it. For this I had to draw shapes on the image, I chose to keep to one shape on the whole poster and I chose triangles to put on the poster and then used the blur effect.

For my final design I did intend to use the poster design with the blur effect, but I worked on one of the other posters a bit more and that was one I was happy with, so that was the poster which I kept developing on to make it a good poster and one that I was happy to print out as my final piece. When it was finished and I was ready to hand it in I thought that I could add a little more information onto it. I was told about negative space and that most of the poster should be covered and not left empty, so I did develop the poster a bit more so there was no negative space. I started to add a bit more information onto the poster, like what would be happening at the event, when and where it was and the contact details of the company.

Once all the development was done on all of the posters and 100% completed on my final piece, and that I was satisfied with it, I then printed it off on an a3 piece of paper and handed it in as the final design.

This is my final poster design.

Architecture Poster01copy2

Ambient Sound Loop Planning

Qualification BTEC Extended Diploma in iMGD
Unit Number(s) and Title(s) 58  

Sound for Interactive Media


Assignment Title Ambient Sound Loop – Research
Assessor Mark Parsons
Issue Date 5/11/15 Deadline 17/12/15


Task: Write about the following Response
Type of production


Computer Game Level – how long/what kind of scene/intention of loop?

The soundtrack for my game is going to be around 2 minutes long and the intention of it is to produce a chilled soundtrack for my game. I want to do this because that’s what I want my game to be, I want it to be a chilled game that people would enjoy. Although it is based it the streets of London which are very busy streets, I want to make it a chilled soundtrack for people to enjoy.




Did it cost anything e.g. Stock music purchases?

For me this production did not cost anything.




Produce a weekly planner:

01 Learning to use GarageBand


07 Pt1 Submission
02 Learning to use Audition


08 Creating theme using GarageBand
03 Researching audio and sound


09 Editing theme using Audition
04 Researching audio and sound


10 EditingLoop1 using Audition
05 Ideas, Planning and Development


11 EditingLoop2 using Audition
06 Preparing for Pt1 submission


12 Submitting Pt2


Was anyone else involved in the production?

No one else was involved in the production.




Computer/Software requirements – Recording equipment use?

The software’s that I used to create a soundtrack were Garage Band and Audition.




Names of people involved with any used sound files.

The only involvement in the production of the ambient sound loops what a soundtrack of free sound.




Where did you use the computers? Recording locations?

To create the sound loops I used the computers at college because I didn’t have the access at home but now I do so to create my final piece I will be doing it at college whilst doing it at home as well.


Health and Safety


Sound Levels/Working at computers/etc.

When working there are certain procedures to take to make sure that you do not damage your eyes or hearing. To protect your eyes from getting damaged, you are advised to take a break every twenty minutes just so your eyes can rest from constantly looking at the screen. To protect your hearing, the music must not be too loud but at the certain volume so it is good enough for you to hear it clearly.


Codes of Practice


MCPS-PRS/TIGA/BIMA clearances to use files

The clearances from freesound all depend on which files I use. Depending on what files I use determines what I can do and can’t do with the file that I download.




Sound file list


What specific files did you use/how long/etc.?

FreesoundTrack01.MP3 and Background Sound for game.MP3

Sound Loops



For this task I was experimenting with GarageBand just to see what I could come up with. The two tracks are only small sound loops of what I would create as part of my final piece. When I created these sound loops, my aim was to involve some natural sounds that you hear in mostly everyday, that’s why in one of the pieces you will hear a plane at the start and I just think that it fits in well with the soundtrack.