L3 Games Design: Task 4 – Evaluation

What Went Well? I think what went well was the sketches of the characters they I created, I was very pleased with how they looked. Also, another thing that went well during this assignment is the final outcome of the game, I’m happy with how it has came out not only does my character walk up and down, but he can climb to the top of the buildings and jump from building to building, which I’m pleased with how that has turned out.

What Didn’t Go Well? What didn’t go well for me during the assignment was my first attempt at putting the game together. This was because when I imported all of my sprites in they were all different sizes. For example, my run and walk sprites, once all the settings were completed, like the collision on the sprites and the size, I then dragged onto the game and the walk was fine but then we I pressed space to jump he turned into Godzilla and it looked like he was destroying the town rather the walking along the rooftops. This was because I done my walk and run cycle on two different pages and didn’t take into the account that if I make the character bigger it will effect how the character looks in the game.

What I Could Improve? The one thing that I would say that needed to be improved on would be more detail towards the character. At the moment the character looks very plain and looks like there hasn’t been much work done to him which is a massive thing I would improve on in the future, because characters are the main focal point in any game. On the other hand, I would also improve on adding more things to the game. For example, health bar and collectables, an example would be adding coins for the characters to collect or even red hearts that would put the health back up to 100%.


L3 Games Design: Parallax Design


This is my parallax design that I have created on PhotoShop. Firstly, I chose a scene that I wanted to create and then used the gradient tool just to fill the background with a blue sky and green background. Then, I added it the cloud textures along with the mountain scene and a city scene. After all that was completed I then added a timeline to create the movement of each layer so that it would look like the whole scene was moving from right to left. When creating the timeline I had to make sure that the city was moving faster than the mountains and the clouds because that would be how we see it the further away something is the slower it moves for us. To move each layer I used the position tool within the timeline and then dragging the point to the end of the timeline so it would create a parallax.

L3 Games Design: Task 3 – Sprites and Finished Level

These images here show my two sprites for the game that I am creating, one is my character sprite showing him walking and jumping. To create this sprite I designed my first idea for my character, which is also the stance for my character in the game. Once I got the stance completed I then created the walk cycle for my character. To do this I adjusted the feet and arms of the character until I got a completed cycle. Furthermore, this is the same situation for the jump cycle, I had the original stance and I adjust the arms, feet and the body to create the jump cycle.



These images show the editing screen that I have been working on and the settings that I’ve adjust to make my character walk and run.

To make my character jump I gathered all my sprites and created one flip-book and the same with making my character walk, gathered all the sprites and created a flip-book.

L3 Games Design: Task 2 – Sketches & Sprites

When designing my characters and scenes I sketched different types of my characters, for example I created a cartoon version of my character and a realistic version, but within my game I wanted to stay with the cartoon idea, therefore sticking to the idea of having a plain styled character but making him a smaller version than normal. I got this idea from my childhood game ‘Mario and Luigi’ and based my game around that idea. For my background scene I searched around and looked at different types of greek backgrounds to get an idea of what they look like, then started to create my own version and creating a perspective view so it looks smaller from the outside and getting bigger towards the middle.



L3 Games Design: Task 2 – Game Concept (Greek Gods)



For my game concept I have decided to use the greek gods and I have chosen Zeus, or his sibling Poseidon. Each of these different Greek Gods have different abilities. Zeus is the god of Sky and Thunder, therefore those will be his special powers during the game. On the other hand, Poseidon is the god of the sea, earthquakes and storms, making them his special powers within the game. Each God will be against each other although they are siblings it doesn’t end well for one of them.

Zeus was the God of the sky in ancient Greek religion, who ruled as king of the gods of Mount Olympus. Zeus is the equivalent to the Roman God of sky Jupiter. Zeus is known and respected as the all-father who was chief of gods. Even the gods who are not his natural children address him as Father, and all the gods rise in his presence and Zeus having his symbols as a thunderbolt, eagle and a bull.

Poseidon was the God of the sea in ancient Greek religion, all seamen worshiped him. His weapon was a trident, with which he could make the earth shake, causing earthquakes, and shatter any object. He was second to Zeus in power amongst the gods. Poseidon was hated by many other gods and combined with his greed he was hated because of his attempts to take over cities that were run by the other gods.

The concept for this game is to achieve greatness and to conquer all. Your character, whether that be Zeus or Poseidon is to make your way through all cities defeating anything that is in your path. Along the way you will come up against obstacles or opponents but the only way to conquer all and become the best is to defeat every opponent you face. Furthermore, when travelling through the cities there will be chances to re-generate your health and to gain power by collecting different things.

Becoming the God of all cities, that is the objective of the game, there are two main character to this game, Zeus, the god of the sky and Poseidon, the god of the sea. After all these years of Poseidon being second to Zeus, Poseidon has finally had enough and wants to be on top and rule the cities, although Poseidon is the brother to Zeus he sees him as one of his enemies now is his quest to because the god of all gods.

The aim of the game is to play as the character zeus and work your way through all cities and defend all towns and cities from the opposition. Within the game you must climb on top of the buildings and reach as far as you can to make sure no enemy has conquered your town.

L3 Games Design: Task 1 – 2d Platform Games

Super Mario Bros.2 is a 2D side scrolling platform game that was released in Japan as Super Mario USA in 1988, the game was developed and published by Nintendo. The objective of the game is to play as one of four characters; Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach and to complete each level of the dream world Subcon and to defeat the main antagonist Wart. All characters are able to run, jump and climb obstacles within the game, but each character has there own unique power. Luigi can jump the highest out of the four characters, Princess Peach can jump the farthest, Toad’s strength allows him to pick up items quickly. Some of the abilities in this game were carried over to Super Mario 3d World which was designed for the Wii U. As opposed to the original Super Mario Bros, you could only moved left or right, vertically down in waterfalls, cloud and cave levels.

Compared to other Mario games, Super Mario Bros.2, the only way to defeat enemies was to collect pick ups and throw objects at the enemies, you were not allowed to jump on the enemies neither ride the enemies. Some of the objects included vegetables from the ground or from other enemies that you have already defeated.

Super Mario Bros.2 consisted of 20 different levels across seven different worlds. Each world would have there own different elements to it and each would have a different theme to it. Depending on what theme the level would be determines what the obstacles and enemies you would encounter in that particular level. For example, levels such as the desert would have certain dangerous areas such as quicksand and on the other hand, snowy areas would have slippery surfaces. Each level has there own ways of completing it and some would contain different rooms which you could enter via a door or ladder. Some rooms would contain magic potions found in each level which are used to temporarily access different parts of the level, an area where you could collect mushrooms and coins that would boost and maximum your health. Furthermore, there would also be certain jars, which can make you move to the later world or skip certain levels. Other items include cherries, which are collected and to be used to quickly destroy all the enemies visible on the screen.

Super Mario Bros.2 starts with three lives, which can be lost upon getting hit by enemies, hazard damage or the character falls of the screen. To gain extra lives the character can collect floating hearts that appear when defeating a certain number of enemies. Once all those lives have gone then you have failed that level and game over will appear on your screen. Although the player can continue up to two times in one game, additional lives can be obtained by collecting 1-up mushrooms or by using coins that you have collected.

L3 Games Design: Task 1 – FIFA 17 The Journey

Within FIFA 17 there are numerous games modes that you are able to play whether that is multiplayer or playing by yourself, on FIFA 17 the games modes that you are able to play online are Ultimate team, co-op seasons and pro clubs, all different variations whether that is playing as a team online or you playing against another person from around the world. The single player games modes that are on FIFA 17 are; the journey, a new game mode to FIFA and this is controlling one player and seeing what it is like from starting from the academy of a football club and making your way up to be the best player in the world. Also, you have career mode, which is managing a team and using your finances to buy the players you want and building the best team to win the league that you are in.

Strategy: The strategy on FIFA 17 The Journey is to complete objectives to impress your manager to be able to play in the football team. You start of as a young boy who loves football and gets spotted by a scout, who then sends you to football trials when you are a bit older, after that you then get to chose what club you want to play for, but to get into the first team you must impress the coach in training.

Information set: The information that you will get whilst playing this game is that before every game you will get certain objectives you must complete within the match, for example, you must score two goals before the match ends. On the other hand you can get scenarios in the game where you must decide between three options, keeping your cool, keeping your opinion balanced or making your response fiery. The way you respond in them scenarios determines the outcome of that particular scene.

Payoff: The payoff that you can get from completing the objectives that are handed to you is that you could be living the lifestyle that you always want, living in the big houses, earning big money,being a well-known player and being the best in the world at what you do.


L3 Games Design: Task 1 – Playing Cluedo

Strategy: The strategy for playing cluedo is to find out who the killer is. To do this you must throw the dice and try and get to each room, once in those room you must create rumours to find out if any other players have the cards of the rumour you have just made up, if any of them do then you can cross out that card on your sheet, until you come to a point where you know who the killer is.

Information set: The information that you get when playing cluedo is that each player will give you the answer to your rumour that you have just said, for example if you say, Plum with the bat in the guest room, if anyone has either of them cards they must show you discreetly without any other player seeing the card.

Payoff: The payoff that you get at the end of playing cluedo is that you have beaten everyone to find out who the killer was.



L3 Games Design: Pixelating Myself

Firstly, I used PhotoBooth to capture and image of myself, and then transferred the image onto PhotoShop. Next, I adjusted the image using the crop tool to make sure it was just my face. Once that was done I then played around with the image size and the indexed colour just to get used to it and to see what I could design with it.

L3 Games Design: Matte Painting

This task was all about matte painting and using different textures to create a final piece. It was all about using different effects to create this scene, for example using different opacities to show the difference between the light and dark colours. I also used different techniques like the dodge and burn tool to create shadows of light and dark.