L3 Games Design: FMP – Treatment

A Little Boys Dream – This is a 2D animation that I am creating for my final major project. I chose to do an animation because I feel it is something I enjoy creating and is one of my strong points within media. I aim to make this animation about 2 minutes long, therefore it is not too short or it does not drag on which could cause the audience to dislike the animation.

The target audience for this is kids aged 8+, i’ve aimed it at this age because the story is all about being a young boy and dreaming about becoming a professional football and going through all stages to get there, starting off at your local football with hope to be noticed by a scout and join a professional football team. Unfortunately for the young boy it turns out to be just a dream and wakes up to his alarm.

There are only a few characters in this animation, the main character, who is the young boy dreaming about becoming a footballer, the goalkeeper that the boy scores against when playing for his local side, the crowd that is in support for the boys local side and when at the stadium and the scout that notices how well the boy is playing.

Not every scene will have a lot of animation, for example the first and last scene. These scenes will just be the boy in bed at the start and at the end when the boy is in bed again and his alarm goes off. The main focal point of this animation will be the scenes in the middle of the animation where most of the characters will be animated and moving around the scene.

For this animation I want to create a smooth background track that will play over the animation. The software I want to use to create this is GarageBand. I want to use this because it is a software that I am familiar with and have used in the past. I feel that it is a useful software to just create a short background song.

I have chosen this idea because I created a animation last year that was based around Warburton’s and for me it went really well, therefore I wanted to create another animation for my final major project.

For my research, I have looked at various different animation and the different types of animation that I could do. I got my idea from another animation that I saw on youtube and wanted to create my own interpretation of what a childhood dream of becoming a footballer is like.


L3 Games Design: Single Camera Drama – Task 2 – Treatment

The Film Noir trailer will start out with Cole Phelps taking his phone out of his pocket and placing it onto his ear. Then Cole Phelps will start talking on the phone with the camera following him as he walks. Cole Phelps will be talking on his phone to a police officer about Wendell Bowers missing his parole after being arrested and describing what he looks like to Cole Phelps. After this particular scene Cole Phelps puts his phone back in his pocket and looks across the road to see Wendell Bowers walking across the street. Cole Phelps then advances and attempts to talk to Wendell Bowers but he runs away and Cole Phelps chases after him. They run into an alleyway and start fighting each other. A big punch lands on Wendell Bowers and he takes a step back, spits on the floor and pulls out a knife and advances towards Cole Phelps. Malcolm Caruthers, Cole Phelps’s partner comes into the shot and places his hand on Cole Phelps’s shoulder and tells him “you did a good job”.

Roles within the filming:

Director/cameraman: Stuart and Josh, Production Manager: Josh, Art Director: Josh, Sound and video editor: Josh and Elliott and Actors: Josh, Elliott and Stuart.

Setting for both trailers:

Street and Alleyway: Kingston, Skerne Road, Canbury Passage

The reason why we believe that the road and the alleyway is the best place is because not many cars go down these roads, therefore it will be easy for us to shoot our scene without any interruptions. This is also the case with people, not many people walk down that alleyway. The alleyway is a great place for us to shoot our Film Noir trailer because it is a nice and long alleyway with plenty of dark parts to create the scene of a classic Noir trailer. Furthermore, the road before the alleyway is also long with bends where the two actors are able see each other from across the road.

Props: Mobile Phone and a replicated gun

Equipment: Camera, Camera stabiliser, tripod