My final Warburtons Animation

This video is my completed animation for the Warburtons project that I have been doing for a few months. Firstly, It all started of when I researched all different types of animation and how animation has adapted throughout the years, from 1603 when all they had is the magic lantern to 2016 where technology has massively improved. Furthermore, I researched all the different types of animation there was, from flip books to computer designed animation.

Secondly, I had to think of a storyline I would do for my Warburtons animation and create a storyboard for it. I came up with numerous ideas for the animation but then came up with the idea of re-creating an animation of Tom and Jerry. I chose this because everyone can relate to this because most people would of watched this when they were a child, so it would be like going back to your childhood but promoting something that is now. Next, it was completing the storyboard for the animation and coming up with the ideas for that. To do this I researched and watched a few episodes of Tom and Jerry just so I could get an idea of what each episode is like and each episode is very similar to each other because either Tom or Jerry will do something bad and they will end up chasing each other and that is what happens in my animation, Jerry steals the bagels and Tom chases him.

In addition, after my storyboard was complete I then scanned the storyboard into the computer where I opened it on photoshop and worked on each scene for the animation. Each scene did take a lot of time because I always wanted to change different parts just so it was the best I could get it. I chose to do 8 scenes just so the animation wasn’t too short or too long and it worked out to make the animation 40 seconds long.

Finally, I had to create the animation itself and this all started when I imported all edited scenes from photoshop and then started to put all scenes together to create a full animation, when I started to create the animation in After Effects I had to use a number of  different tools. Two tools that I used the most was the puppet pin tool and the opacity tool. These tools where either to make the characters move or even creating the flow of the animation where each scene would fade into each other. To make the characters move I had to use the puppet pin tool and pin all the joints in the body so when moving each point it would with a flow and look like a person moving. To make the scenes fade into each other I just turned the opacity down to 0%  at the start of the scene and turn it to 100% when the scene started and that would make each scene flow which each other.


Animation – Warburton’s StoryBoard


This is the start of my Warburton’s animation project. I’ve started of with a simple storyboard using pencil and then went over that with a fine liner just to make the drawings a bit easier for me to see when I transfer the storyboard onto PhotoShop. I chose to do Tom and Jerry because it is a show that I am very familiar with and I thought that it would be something that I would enjoy when creating an animation about.