L3 Games Design: Single Camera Drama – Task 3 – Pre Production





It is a gloomy overcast day and Cole Phelps is on the hunt for a local murderer.

Environmental shots showing clear overview of the setting – background music begins playing – plays throughout.

Cole Phelps (Elliott) take out his phone from his coat pocket – Camera follows him from behind.

Camera pans to the front of main protagonist.

Cole Phelps (Elliott) begins to talk on the phone to his colleague about a criminal named Wendell Bowers, who has missed his parole after being arrested.

Cole Phelps (Elliott) spots the criminal across further down the alley – shock on his face – Camera focuses on face.

Criminal runs down the alley – Camera follows both closely.

Fight breaks out between the two character, first is a still shot of the characters.

Camera starts with a shot of Phelps fist and Wendall Bowers (Josh) pulls a gun out of his pocket and takes a step back – Fades to Black

Hand is placed on top of Phelps’s shoulder – Colleague (Stuart) “You did a good job”

Phelps finally says – “We got the job done”

Screenshot 2017-01-25 15.45.40.png

Equipment: When using the equipment provided by the college we had to make sure that the camera given to us was the best quality that we needed for our short trailer of film noir. When we first wanted to shoot we were not able to book out the camera’s straight away and didn’t have much time the rest of the week so therefore we booked out the camera’s for the following Tuesday so we could have enough time finalise all the clips and edit the final product.