Task 3: Development work – Ideas and Sketches


These images here show some of the sketches that I done to give me an idea of what type of speedometer I wanted and what type of map design I wanted when the game was on a screen. When I did create my speedometer I went for a very original idea with it just been a circle and the circle having each different points with different speeds showing. For the map design I decided to have just a single road showing of where that car is going and to have each end of the map fading out, also with the map having a black outline around the edge.


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 15.14.00

All of the images here are all of my ideas for my speedometers, logos and maps. At first I decided to experiment with Illustrator and see what ideas I could come up with for my speedometer. At first for my map design I wanted to have it inside an airport but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get an airport view, therefore I chose to do my race in the centre of London with the cars going over the bridge with the view of Big Ben and the river thames.


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 15.24.57.png

These images are just more ideas that I came up with and they would be shown on a tv screen so the gamer would know how many checkpoints there are and how many he has done and what time he was doing in the race.


Sound Loops For Game


The two sound loops that are presented here have been created for the game that I have been working on. The sound loops are completely different from each because that was what I was aiming for so they wasn’t the same and so I could experiment with GarageBand and Audition. When I was creating the first sound loop in GarageBand I didn’t use many environmental sounds because couldn’t quite get them to fit into the sound that I already created, whereas the sound loop that was created in Audition there are quite a few, with there being a car engine and police sirens.