Task 6: Evaluation For Interfaces

Firstly, when I got the brief I had to think of a them for my game,  to decide on what theme I wanted I researched different driving games to see what types of themes have already been created just to give me an idea of what theme I wanted to do. The theme I eventually chose was a modern theme, I chose this because it was a theme that I was familiar with and it is a theme that I was comfortable with.

Throughout this project I did keep changing certain interfaces because I kept finding new things I could add to them, for example the speedometer, because I was learning new things all the time in Illustrator, I kept developing my ideas to get it to the best design that I could make. At first I did find it quite difficult to design the speedometer because I wasn’t quite sure what design I wanted it to be, so then I thought i’ll go for the original circular look. This is because when looking at other racing games most of the speedometers did have the circular shape. The speedometer that I created has two colours in it, orange and grey, I chose these colours because they stand out really well. In the speedometer there are two circles, one is showing what speed the gamer is at when driving the car and the other is to show each gear the car is in. The speedometer also has a nitrous bar on the outside so the gamer is able understand when and when not he can use it.

The game that inspired me the most was ‘Need For Speed Rivals’, this game inspired me because I have played it before and really enjoyed playing the game and the layout of the game was so easy to understand, therefore making it a really fun and enjoyable game to play. When playing part of the actual gameplay the interfaces on the UI  were really detailed and easy to understand, also the screen wasn’t to crowded, so therefore is was a really smooth and enjoyable game.

When creating this game and the interfaces I used a mixture of Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator, I really enjoy using these two softwares because they are easy to understand and really simple to use. Photoshop I have used before so I was able to do most of my work and my best work on there because I was very familiar with the software. Whereas using Illustrator, I wasn’t so familiar with it so I had to learn new things on there every time I was creating something. My skills have developed throughout this assignment because there were many different skills in Photoshop and Illustrator that I did not know before that I know about now.

When creating my logos I wanted to keep them simple but eye catching. At first I wasn’t sure on what design I wanted for them, so I went on youtube and checked on different logos that had been created and how they were created. My first logo that I created has two polygons around the outside with both of them have a gradient effect on the and then in the middle is a polygon with the colour red with another gradient effect on it to make it white in the middle and red on the edges. I then added a dragon to the middle of the logo and then adding the text ‘Dragons’ at the top of the logo. My second logo that I created has a custom shape in it with a blue fill as the background and a black trim around the edge. I then have the team name ‘Pythons’ across the top with two pythons come out either end of the name, then the image for the logo is obviously a picture of a python. Thirdly, my last logo has the shape of a triangle with a purple background with a yellow trim around the outside, with the team name of ‘Vikings’ across the top and an image of a viking in the middle.

When looking at the UI there are improvements that I can make because it may look a bit plain and boring making the game unattractive, so if I focused on that a bit more then it may look a bit better and more attractive. I did just use the simple colour of black, so maybe if I used more attractive colours on the UI then it would be more appealing to the audience.


Task 5: Mock-ups and Visuals


This image is what my game would look like if it was on a TV screen, this was just to help us to see if there was any improvements we could make to our design. It was also to help us get an idea of what the game would look like.

These are the logos that I created in Photoshop for the three teams that will be in my game. Firstly I came up with the team Dragons. This logo has a polygon around the outside and then another smaller polygon on the inside with both of the shapes having a gradient overlay. I then added the colour red into with that again having a gradient in the middle and then finally I added the image of a dragon and then the font. I then created the other two creating the shapes myself and then getting the images of the internet and changing the colour of the image and font to make the design my own.

Task 4: Midway ‘crit’ In Groups

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 15.13.48.png


Jaden: When designing the speedometer you need to be more detailed, although it is very clear in depicting the purpose.

Ollie: These speedometers are a good place to start off and you need to work further develop your ideas.

Julien: Good designs but the font of the numbers and text could be improved to not look as basic.

For this task I got into a group of four and we each went through each others designs and gave feedback on them on what was good and what could be improved.


Task 3: Development work – Ideas and Sketches


These images here show some of the sketches that I done to give me an idea of what type of speedometer I wanted and what type of map design I wanted when the game was on a screen. When I did create my speedometer I went for a very original idea with it just been a circle and the circle having each different points with different speeds showing. For the map design I decided to have just a single road showing of where that car is going and to have each end of the map fading out, also with the map having a black outline around the edge.


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 15.14.00

All of the images here are all of my ideas for my speedometers, logos and maps. At first I decided to experiment with Illustrator and see what ideas I could come up with for my speedometer. At first for my map design I wanted to have it inside an airport but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get an airport view, therefore I chose to do my race in the centre of London with the cars going over the bridge with the view of Big Ben and the river thames.


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 15.24.57.png

These images are just more ideas that I came up with and they would be shown on a tv screen so the gamer would know how many checkpoints there are and how many he has done and what time he was doing in the race.

Task 2: Research – Intellectual property

These definitions have been quoted from the website of ‘World Intellectual Property Organisation’ and there definition for copyright is: ‘Copyright (or author’s right) is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. Works covered by copyright range from books, music, paintings, sculpture, and films, to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps, and technical drawings.’

Their definition for trademarks is: ‘A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Trademarks are protected by intellectual property rights.’

Finally there definition for industrial designs is: ‘In a legal sense, an industrial design constitutes the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article. An industrial design may consist of three dimensional features, such as the shape of an article, or two dimensional features, such as patterns, lines or colour.’

When a company is creating a game, for example EA Sports when creating Fifa, there will be a chance that they would buy the rights to use the football teams and their colours. For EA Sports and Fifa there main rival for football would be the company Konami with them creating the game Pro Evolution Soccer. In the game Fifa every team will have the correct logo, team name and the correct kits and this is because EA Sports have bought the rights to have them in their game, whereas in the game Pro Evolution Soccer not all the teams have the correct name, logo and kit and this is because Konami haven’t bought the rights to have them. Each game will have there own certain feature in the game that they themselves have created and they would of probably got copyright on that just so no other company could copy them and have similar style games and by having your own certain features and the rights to use the correct teams it is most likely that that game will be more popular than the other.


Task 2: Research – Colour and Team branding

For this task I was to extract the colours out of some Formula 1 cars and some Formula E cars. I was to look at existing teams, collect an image of there car or logo and extract the colour information using the eyedropper tool in photoshop.We done this task so we could get an idea of how the colours of the cars relate to the team or relate to the logo of the team. This was also to help us chose the colours that we would use when we create our teams and interfaces for our game.

Games Soundtrack

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.07.29

This particular sound track in this game is very good. This is because it builds a lot of tension for the game; the music starts off very slow and then slowly builds up the music for then the soundtrack to then get really loud and fast creating a good feel for the game. This also does have a little bit of commentary in the background from the pit team, which comes in a certain times of the track. The feeling you get from this track is that quite exciting and it gives the gamer that bit more excitement when playing the game.

A lot of the music for this game does start of very slow building a very fast and energetic. This does create a great feel for the game when playing it. The music does changing depending on what mission you are on because if you are the racer the music change to a fast pace soundtrack. This will create a better atmosphere for the game because it make the gamer feel very excited to play the game, giving them a feel of driving an actual car.

When they were creating the soundtracks for this game they had the idea to involve a lot of the sounds from different parts of the cars. This makes the game feel very real for the person who is playing it. This is because when your hearing all different sounds from different types of cars and it is what your interested in, it can give you that feel for the car and for the game.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.47.07

Within the game GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto IV there is always a soundtrack in the background of the missions, these soundtracks are used to build tension in the game. When playing the game if you are coming to a very big part of the mission or a part of the mission where you are having to act very suspiciously the music will start to become very fast and upbeat creating excitement for the mission. This is normally used to create suspense for the game, so the gamer is kept waiting to see what it all builds up to.

The background music in this game may not play in every mission because it may not need it, it’s only used for the more suspicious parts of the game, like the main parts of each mission. When the music is playing in the mission it will play throughout the whole of the mission but that will just be the more relaxing part of the soundtrack, but like I said before when it’s the main part of the mission the soundtrack will get more intense within the game to create a different atmosphere for the game and a different atmosphere for the person playing the game.

The game soundtrack does determine what mission the gamer is doing and what type of mission it is. For example, if the mission is about sneaking around a building without being court then it will play music with a very sneaky and slow soundtrack, whereas if the gamer is on a mission where he is in a gun fight or racing another person then the music will be fast and loud.