Task 1: Planning For Interfaces

These timetables here have every month and and every Thursday and Friday that I will be working on this project, starting from the planning all the way to the evaluation.


Sound Loops For Game


The two sound loops that are presented here have been created for the game that I have been working on. The sound loops are completely different from each because that was what I was aiming for so they wasn’t the same and so I could experiment with GarageBand and Audition. When I was creating the first sound loop in GarageBand I didn’t use many environmental sounds because couldn’t quite get them to fit into the sound that I already created, whereas the sound loop that was created in Audition there are quite a few, with there being a car engine and police sirens.

Games Soundtrack

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.07.29

This particular sound track in this game is very good. This is because it builds a lot of tension for the game; the music starts off very slow and then slowly builds up the music for then the soundtrack to then get really loud and fast creating a good feel for the game. This also does have a little bit of commentary in the background from the pit team, which comes in a certain times of the track. The feeling you get from this track is that quite exciting and it gives the gamer that bit more excitement when playing the game.

A lot of the music for this game does start of very slow building a very fast and energetic. This does create a great feel for the game when playing it. The music does changing depending on what mission you are on because if you are the racer the music change to a fast pace soundtrack. This will create a better atmosphere for the game because it make the gamer feel very excited to play the game, giving them a feel of driving an actual car.

When they were creating the soundtracks for this game they had the idea to involve a lot of the sounds from different parts of the cars. This makes the game feel very real for the person who is playing it. This is because when your hearing all different sounds from different types of cars and it is what your interested in, it can give you that feel for the car and for the game.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.47.07

Within the game GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto IV there is always a soundtrack in the background of the missions, these soundtracks are used to build tension in the game. When playing the game if you are coming to a very big part of the mission or a part of the mission where you are having to act very suspiciously the music will start to become very fast and upbeat creating excitement for the mission. This is normally used to create suspense for the game, so the gamer is kept waiting to see what it all builds up to.

The background music in this game may not play in every mission because it may not need it, it’s only used for the more suspicious parts of the game, like the main parts of each mission. When the music is playing in the mission it will play throughout the whole of the mission but that will just be the more relaxing part of the soundtrack, but like I said before when it’s the main part of the mission the soundtrack will get more intense within the game to create a different atmosphere for the game and a different atmosphere for the person playing the game.

The game soundtrack does determine what mission the gamer is doing and what type of mission it is. For example, if the mission is about sneaking around a building without being court then it will play music with a very sneaky and slow soundtrack, whereas if the gamer is on a mission where he is in a gun fight or racing another person then the music will be fast and loud.