L3 Games Design: Task 1 – FIFA 17 The Journey

Within FIFA 17 there are numerous games modes that you are able to play whether that is multiplayer or playing by yourself, on FIFA 17 the games modes that you are able to play online are Ultimate team, co-op seasons and pro clubs, all different variations whether that is playing as a team online or you playing against another person from around the world. The single player games modes that are on FIFA 17 are; the journey, a new game mode to FIFA and this is controlling one player and seeing what it is like from starting from the academy of a football club and making your way up to be the best player in the world. Also, you have career mode, which is managing a team and using your finances to buy the players you want and building the best team to win the league that you are in.

Strategy: The strategy on FIFA 17 The Journey is to complete objectives to impress your manager to be able to play in the football team. You start of as a young boy who loves football and gets spotted by a scout, who then sends you to football trials when you are a bit older, after that you then get to chose what club you want to play for, but to get into the first team you must impress the coach in training.

Information set: The information that you will get whilst playing this game is that before every game you will get certain objectives you must complete within the match, for example, you must score two goals before the match ends. On the other hand you can get scenarios in the game where you must decide between three options, keeping your cool, keeping your opinion balanced or making your response fiery. The way you respond in them scenarios determines the outcome of that particular scene.

Payoff: The payoff that you can get from completing the objectives that are handed to you is that you could be living the lifestyle that you always want, living in the big houses, earning big money,being a well-known player and being the best in the world at what you do.