Communication Through Art And Design


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This poster was created in 1972 by Josef Muller-Brockman. This poster was used to promote a music festival that was being hosted in Switzerland, Josef Muller-Brockman has only used two colour in this poster, blue and pink. Josef Muller-Brockman would of done this so the poster is very bright and also very eye-catching to the public. This poster is very plain and very simple but it has a great effect of getting the point straight across, which makes it easy to understand.

who is Josef Muller-Brockman?

Josef Muller-Brockman is a Swiss graphic designer who studied architecture, design and the history of art and he studied these subject at a university he went to in Zurich. Josef Muller-Brockman is most know for his used of typography, colours and shapes and inspiring other graphic designers.

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This poster was designed in 2008 by Neville Brody, another graphic designer. This poster was created in 2008 and Neville Brody’s message is ‘Free me from freedom’. This poster stands out very clearly because it says boldly, ‘FREE ME FROM FREEDOM’, apart from the bold text it also stands out because of the colours he has used within the poster, a black background and bright colours on the text, this make the message very eye-catching to the audience. Neville Brody has done other posters about ‘free me from freedom’ and it’s about how people are being watched constantly by cameras but he just wants to be free from being watched all the time. I feel that Neville Brody’s work is very true and it speaks the truth about the world. His work also teaches people about what is going on in the world and that people need to think about what does really happen without people realising it.

Who is Neville Brody?

Neville Brody is a graphic designer who studied at the London college of printing first made his way into the public eye through his record cover designs and his involvement in the British independent music scene in the early 1980’s.


Type Tool

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For this take I had to choose 6 different letters within a certain front, mine is Cooper Black. After I created the letter I then used the free transformation tool to adjust the size and angle of the letter so that you were unable to tell what letters it could be. For this task I had to do 6 letters it in a normal black and white and then another 6 in colour with a background colour.