Alphabet Stop-Motion

This is my alphabet stop-motion. My letter that I had for this project was the letter J and for the stop-motion I decided to use jelly-beans for the meaning of the letter J. Firstly, I set up the camera in a position so that it was a good height to see the stop-motion, then, I started to take each photo and moving the jelly beans slowly to create the letter J until it was complete. Secondly, I transferred all 38 photos onto my computer, and then edited them all to create the stop-motion. Once that was all completed I then added some text, which would say ‘J is for…’ and ‘elly-bean’ just to it is easier to understand what the stop-motion is about. When adding the sound, I had to think about what would go well with the stop-motion, I didn’t want something that would be too powerful because then the focus would be taken off the actual stop-motion itself. For me, the background music goes really well with the stop-motion because it flows with the video


Stop motion – S is for sugar

This is my first stop-motion using the alphabet and for this particular letter I chose the letter S and the meaning for this is sugar. To create this stop motion I used the software After Effects. Firstly, I got all the images that I wanted to use and transferred them into after effects and adjusted all the settings so that they were all correct. After all the settings were done, I then done the positioning for the text so that one would come across the top of the screen saying ‘S is for…’ and then the other would drop down saying ‘ugar’ but it would eventually say ‘Sugar’ when it is next to the ‘S’.