L3 Games Design: VR/AR Concept

Story Development:

Our VR story starts of with a character called John, John is in a old building as part of a group of people testing out a new game. The first scene starts with the camera focused on the door, John then walks into the room and sits down on a chair. Moments later another man walks into the room dressed in a lab coat and places the box in front of John on a table. Just after the box is placed on the table John asks “Wheres the rest of the test group” when the scientist quickly replies “You are the test group” then walks out the room leaving John in there alone with the VR goggles. There is a voice over the top of the room coming from a speaker, it’s the scientist that walked in, he says “John, please could you put on the headset,” John looks at the headset nervously and continues to out the headset on. As soon as the headset is on he is sent into another world of virtual reality, John looks around and explores the world that he is in, John then takes the headset of. The scientist speaks again “How do you feel John”, John sits there in excitement, then he just smiles.


The working title is VR through space. This short promo will be an advert about one man testing the new VR headset and entering a world of space to explore for himself, this is a very short film as the promo is mainly about advertising a certain new product that is coming out in the future. The overall target audience would be towards teens and adults as it is a VR game that you have to have a lot of knowledge about space, furthermore when doing research it is most profound that teenagers and young adults are most likely to purchase a VR headset. The main character is a nervous man going to a test group and testing the latest new product. The main character is very un-easy about everything that is going on, but when he experiences VR for the first time it turns him into a whole new person, full of life showing how fun virtual reality is. The first set of scenes are in a room when the character experiences what virtual reality is really like. When producing this promo the equipment that we will need is; lighting, camera, sound and the VR headset as a prop and maybe a lab coat for the scientist, the shot set will be when the man opens the door and goes in the camera will be looking at the door coming from the out side going in, then the camera will be in the room. The next set of scenes will be entirely in front of a green scene as the character is in a virtual reality world. We will need to get lighting, a camera, sound (boom mic) that will cover those shots. For audio in the VR world there maybe some themed background music but 100% there will be ambient noise such as a breeze and birds chirping to produce the natural feel of the outside. I feel this is a good idea for the project as it shows a man becoming happy again and that from the experience it gave him happiness. Therefore, I feel that this trailer will keep the audience watching because of its a strange nature and the interest to find out what is going on will happen, to make our environment we will use maya to create the virtual reality world. We will most likely finish the 3D work when we get to post production. The only thing we may have to buy would be the lab coat the scientist wears as the equipment like the camera sound and the VR headset we can book out from the college.


Elliott – Pre Concept Artist, Sound, Lighting during production

Liam – Sound, Pre Concept Artist

Alex – 3D Animation, Director, Script, Actor

Rokas – 3D Animation, Cameraman

Josh – Research, Actor, Pre Concept

The assignment began week starting 20th February –

 Monday 20th February- Research : Concept of AR/VR –

  • Produce a historical timeline of AR/VR in fiction and visual media.

Tuesday 21th February- Research : Game Concept –

  • Devise a game concept and from this chose which story mechanism your promo will follow – investigate a range of media where VR/AR is use.

Wednesday 22nd February- Research : Treatment & Visual Identity –

  • Produce a story idea in the form of a Treatment and story development
  • Research your ideas for a visual identity, look at visual references for scenes, props and characters.

Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th- Research : Finish any remaining research tasks and go over research tasks completed to make sure they are to good standard.

Monday 27th February- Asset Production : Generate Ideas-

  • Generate drawings, images, photos, and found materials of ALL the assets you intend to use in your promo. This will include scene, character and props that will appear in your production.

Tuesday 28th February- Asset Production : Graphics

  • Consider graphics and titling to be used in your promo, collect examples of font and designs for logos.

Wednesday 1st March- Asset Production : Gathering Assets

  • Produce scans, animations, live footage, 2D/3D and stop-motion animation, gameplay and collect internet and copyright free material of the assets that you will use in your promo.

Thursday 2nd March – Sunday 5th March- Asset Production : Soundtrack

  • Generate a soundtrack and sound effects using Garageband, Audition, live instruments, etc. If using spoken word produce a script and record this narration using industry standard techniques.

Monday 6th March – Prepare Files : Organisation

  • Organise and label files into the correct folder structures using industry techniques for naming conventions.

Tuesday 7th March – Prepare Files : Storage Device

  • Store these files onto the correct storage devices.

Wednesday 8th March – Prepare Files : Editing Visual Assets

  • Manipulate and edit the visual assets using background and motion effects (including chromakey techniques), filters, transitions and titling. Use After Effects and Premier Pro.

Thursday 9th March – Sunday 11th March – Prepare Files : Audio

  • Manipulate and edit the audio assets to fit the visual edit. Use Garageband, Audition, recorded narration (ADR) and Foley.

Monday 12th March – Prepare Files : Final Edit

  • Edit both Video and Audio assets to create a final edit, output these to the correct compression settings for: a) Youtube/Vimeo web streaming upload. b) In-game video.

Tuesday 13th March – Prepare Files : Final Promo

  • Upload the promo to the desired destination (YouTube and/or Vimeo)
  • Check for colour grading and studio quality and adjust values to suit purpose.
  • Feedback from a test screening
 Until 27th March go over all work to make sure it is distinction level standard and make sure everyone in the group is happy with the final result and each of their inputs have been heard.

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