L3 Games Design: VR Treatment

Our VR gameplay starts of with this one man putting the VR headset onto his head and emerging into a world of 3D space. The character will then be able to explore the 3D space and get a view for what it is like without actually being there in reality. We chose to base our VR experience about space because it can be the most pleasing because in reality not many people get the chance to go to space and explore each planet.

The main equipment and software that we will be using to create this VR project will be Maya as our main software for the 3D environment and then using after effects and premier pro for editing. When filming the VR scene we will be using a high quality camera and and rode mic to make sure we capture every part of the scene we need to produce a VR scene to the best of our ability. Furthermore, we would need to make sure that we get all the correct equipment to produce the correct lighting for our VR experience, whether we make the scene a very dark scene, or whether we want to capture as much light as possible.

The target audience for this project would be based for people around the ages of 15+ just to make sure that this would be the correct age for people to view our content. The full trailer will fit into a 20 second limit and will be a half 3D animation as thats what we are using as the background environment.


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