L3 Games Design: Single Camera Drama – Production Log


7/11/16 – Research and Development

Firstly, we were handed an assignment and our role was to create a short film noir based on the Rockstar game; L.A Noire. We then go ourselves into groups of 3 and then research about the Rockstar film. I chose to work with Joshua and Stuart. We started to come up with different ideas for our Film Noir and got familiar with the Rockstar game, L.A Noire to choose which scene we would do within the game. I familiarised myself with Film Noir, as a genre and I watched relevant film trailers. Once I knew which scene I wanted to do from L.A Noire, ‘Warrants Outstanding”. I analysed the scene to see what props we needed to create our own version of the scene.

14/11/16 – Research and Development

During the second week of this assignment we started to think about our own plot for our Film Noir trailer. Furthermore, we made our final decision on what type of scene we all wanted to do and agreed on which one would be best for all of us, and started to create our own narrative for it.

 21/11/16 – Pre-production process

Carrying on from last week, we moved on to creating the storyboard for our trailer. Each member of the group created their own version of what they wanted to happen in the trailer and then we all agreed on which one was the best. Once the storyboards were completed we then decided where we film our Film Noir and what props we would need. At this point we had to keep things in mind that it had to be similar to the original scene, therefore had to choose a certain place that had quite a dark scene throughout the whole surrounding.

 28/11/16 – Pre-production process

As a group we have gather to discuss our storyboards and presented them to our teacher and some of the student in class and asked them for some constructive feedback. After that we have decided which one of the storyboards was most successful and reflected on the feedback given, by making some amendments in the scenes and identifying all camera shots we were supposed to use.

5/12/16   -Pre-production process

This week we chose where we wanted to film our trailer. There were a number of locations that were good either in the college or around. Our final decision that we all concluded was to film our trailer down Skerne road, Canbury Passage

 12/12/16- Pre-production process

 Within this week I completed all the paperwork that needed to be done before we were able to film, for example; shot list, call sheet, production managers sheet and to make sure the script was completed

 3/01/17- Filming

 We all arrived at college for 11:00 and booked out the cameras that we needed for the process of this. Once we got everything we needed we headed to Skerne Road, Canbury Passage to film the trailer. My main job during the filming was acting out all the scenes but also helping with the camera at times when I was needed. When filming our trailer we were lucky enough not to come over with any problems, there were times when people were walking across out film production, but they where only there for like 5 seconds, so it wasn’t too much of a bother. After we finished the filming we headed back to the college and went to the library to transport all of our clips onto a USB so Josh was able to edit all clips to create the trailer.

 9/01/17- Post- production

 During this week, we carried on with the editing making sure we were happy with everything and corrected any mistakes that were there and then added any bits that we needed to, for example a title to our Film Noir, “Down In The Dumps” and just adding credits to the end

 16/01/17- Post- production

 Once the editing was all finished and we were happy with it, we double-checked everything to make sure it was all in the correct order and all paperwork for the assignment was completed.

23/01/17 – Deadline

On the last day for the assignment I went through all my wordpress and made sure that everything was on there that needed to be there and transported out trailer onto the hardrive.


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