L3 Games Design: 3D Animation – Research and Development

Treatment – The project name that I came up with for this assignment was “Penny” For this task I will creating a short animation of 15-20 seconds long for a leading stationary provider. This animation will be any stationary equipment of my choosing. For my animation I have chosen to create a pen that will jump into a stationary pot via an eraser. The pen will start of on its side and then slide its way into the eraser, using the eraser to to stand up straight. The pen will then jump up and down, side to side to show happiness in the animation. The pen will then jump onto the eraser and use it like it was a trampoline and get as much height as it can to jump into the stationary pot. When the pen interacts with the rubber, the rubber will have a jelly like movement that will create the realistic effect of what a rubber would look like if something interacted with it.

The target audience that would choose to look at my 3D animation would be any company the provides stationary or possibly people who work in offices. Therefore the age range that would be looking at this animation could be from 25 years old and onwards.

During my animation there are no visual elements apart from the props, a pen, rubber and pen pot. In my animation I could use a light source just to clearly show what is happening and to make the scene a lot brighter for the audience to see. If I was to create a real 30 second animation for a leading stationary company in reality, for example WHSmith, I would have a certain budget that I would use for the animation. Some animations that are only 30 seconds long can be very expensive, maybe looking into the thousands but it all depends on how many materials are used within the animation and how much time it would take.

Diary – 

Week 1 – Research – Pixar Short film

Week 2 – Research – Different stationary objects I could use

Week 3 – Development – Creating sketches and Treatment

Week 4 – Development and Editing – Creating a storyboard and starting the animation

Week 5 – Editing – Continue and finish the animation

Week 6 – Deadline – Checking all work, finishing any work that needs to be done, rendering my animation.

I created these two videos at the start of the assignment to show different emotions a character can do, the first video is of me acting sad and the second videos is of me showing no emotion, neither happy or sad. These two videos give me different ideas of how emotion is shown in a character and helps me know how I can translate that into stationary.

These two videos are two ideas that I had for my 3D animation. The first object was a pair of scissors that would move from side to side and the second video is of a stapler using its top part to hop around. Each of these videos have there own unique style to them and shows how different types of stationary can be used in different ways in animation.


These images here show my sketches and storyboard for my ideas for the animation. I decided to go for an animation of a pen because it has a bit more character to the animation and thought that it would be a bit more easier to show emotion through the object rather than a pair of scissors or a stapler. My idea first started out as a pen hoping around to show happiness, but then I developed it into something further by using the stationary pot. The pen would start of on its side and roll towards the pot and jump straight into it, but for me it didn’t look right because the jump looked a bit too big. At this point I had to think about what I could use to make the animation more realistic but I also wanted to stick to using stationary objects, therefore that is why I used an eraser to act as a sort of trampoline to bounce the pen into the stationary pot.


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