L3 Games Design: 3D Animation – Final


This shows my final animation that was rendered in After Effects, plus all the screenshots for the process of how I created each individual part of the 3D animation I made in Maya.

What went well during this assignment was creating each section of the animation, the pen, eraser and stationary pot, I enjoyed creating each individual part because it was a challenge for me, making sure I used the correct polygons for each part and making sure the scale was correct on each part so the rendering would look good further on in the assignment.

What didn’t go as well as I hoped was maybe the animation, it wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked it to be. The concept of the animation I was happy with but when I rendered the animation it didn’t look as smooth as I wanted to be. This could be because it was my first time using the software Maya, therefore I wasn’t 100% confident with the software and when doing each part of the editing I could quite get it as smooth as I imagined it to be.

What I would do to improve for next time would be to create a lot more sketches and to create a lot more ideas to give myself a bigger range of ideas. Therefore if I came up with more ideas I could of developed each one of them to then decide which one I think would be the best, rather than using the first idea and adding to that.



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