L3 Games Design: 3D Animation – Tutorials

My first tutorial that I created were using three different polygons, a cube, a cone and a ball and creating movement within the polygons from side to side, each polygon is set at their own speed, the cube moving the fastest, then the ball and then lastly, the cone.


Secondly, I modelled a column in maya, again this was using numerous polygons and arranging each polygon accordingly to size. For the bottom platform and creating the stairs leading up to the column, this was just a matter of using the cube polygons and then re-arranging the size to get the correct fit, once I got the bottom platform I then duplicated the platform and the made them just a little bit smaller to create each step. Again, similar to the stairs, to create each pole, I used to cube polygon and then arranged it to size, then I duplicated each pole to create 7 more. Creating the top was a bit more difficult then the first two parts. I used the cube polygon and arranged that to size but then had to use one of the tools to drag the middle up to the top to create the triangular effect



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