L3 Games Design: Task 4 – Evaluation

What Went Well? I think what went well was the sketches of the characters they I created, I was very pleased with how they looked. Also, another thing that went well during this assignment is the final outcome of the game, I’m happy with how it has came out not only does my character walk up and down, but he can climb to the top of the buildings and jump from building to building, which I’m pleased with how that has turned out.

What Didn’t Go Well? What didn’t go well for me during the assignment was my first attempt at putting the game together. This was because when I imported all of my sprites in they were all different sizes. For example, my run and walk sprites, once all the settings were completed, like the collision on the sprites and the size, I then dragged onto the game and the walk was fine but then we I pressed space to jump he turned into Godzilla and it looked like he was destroying the town rather the walking along the rooftops. This was because I done my walk and run cycle on two different pages and didn’t take into the account that if I make the character bigger it will effect how the character looks in the game.

What I Could Improve? The one thing that I would say that needed to be improved on would be more detail towards the character. At the moment the character looks very plain and looks like there hasn’t been much work done to him which is a massive thing I would improve on in the future, because characters are the main focal point in any game. On the other hand, I would also improve on adding more things to the game. For example, health bar and collectables, an example would be adding coins for the characters to collect or even red hearts that would put the health back up to 100%.


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