L3 Games Design: Film Noir Project

For our assignment we had to create an opening scene to a film based on the genre of a film noir. My group and I researched Films in the style of a Film Noir we then used our research to plan a film using a scene that was briefed to us. The scene that we had to prepare was – “A man or woman standing outside looking at a construction site assessing the scene, watching the cranes moving across the skyline. They take out their phone and dial a number, taking their other hand out of their pocket they look at their bruised and bloodied knuckles; they then get out a small envelope from the same pocket. they phone the phone to their ear, after a long pause they say “It’s done, but never ask me to do anything again!” –

Based on given confirmation from our teacher we have changed around the script so that we could make it more interesting and thus, to start of the film we have decided t0 begin with a low angled, long shot of the main character’s back turned to the camera facing over a wall towards the construction site in which the character is assessing, for an opening scene this allows the audience to be briefed into what the scene the character is set in and also gets to detail to the audience what the character looks like, it is important that his face is turned away and thus creates a scene in which the viewer knows the scene and character but is inquisitive to know the identity of the figure.

The next shot leads into a close-up shot of the main characters bloodied hand, already foreshadowing a tense scene is about to unfold, the viewer still doesn’t know the identity of the figure, and therefore increases the tension of the scene.

The next scene goes shows a close-up side profile of the figure’s face portraying a bland facial expression this reveals the identity of the figure reducing the tension of the scene however the bland facial expression from the figure now reveals the figures expression of their feelings, allowing the viewer to relate and tune into the emotion of the scene, in this case uneasy.

The scene then moves onto the same close up shot of the bloodied knuckles however this time the figures other pocket is exposed showing his hand fumbling around his pockets, creating a sense of curiosity and suspension as to what the character has stored inside their pocket. after a short period of feeling around the pocket, the character pulls out their phone fulfilling the viewers curiosity and allowing them to wonder what the character will do with the phone.


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