L3 Games Design: Single Camera Drama – Task 1 Development

La Noire – Part 1 – Upon Reflection

Part 1 is all about getting introduced as a police officer and the aim of this game is to work your way up the police ranks. First of all the game shows you all around the map and then zooms on into a police car, where your character and partner are sitting. After driving about for a bit you then get a call to go and help out detectives in a crime scene where someone has been shot.

After talking to the two detectives, your job is too search around the crime scene looking for clues and the potential murder weapon. The first clue that you come across in this particular scene is a blood splatter on the door at the back of the alley, then if you were to look the left of the door at the top of the building, you would notice the window was open which had a flashing light in the room which created a reflection for the building next to it. In this reflection you could see a possible murder weapon, a gun on top of the roof. After noticing the gun you objective is too find a way up onto the roof and the only way this would be is to climb a drain pipe to gather this piece of evidence. After gathering this piece of evidence, your character then observes the gun looking for clues. Your character, Cole Phelps, then starts to wonder why would your chuck the gun on top of the roof, why not put the bullets down the drain pipe.

Furthermore, after finding the gun, your next objective is to track down the suspect and to do this your character, Cole Phelps, and his partner go to the closest gun store to ask about the murder weapon and who has bought one in the last couple of days. They managed to get a suspect called ‘Mr Schroeder’, after finding this suspect they immediately get back into there car and drive over to his apartment. Once you know what apartment he lives in, you and your partner walk up to the door and knock, then wait for him to answer. Mr Schroder isn’t happy that the police have turned up at his apartment and when he is asked about the gun, he confirms that he owns it and then opens the draw to show that the gun is in there, but when he opens the draw he sees that the gun is missing and you arrest him on suspicion of murder. Mr Schroder isn’t happy about this and doesn’t come easy, he decides he attack your partner hitting him to the floor. After that he then turns to Cole Phelps with his fists up ready to fight. It then cuts out of the scene to a camera shot of behind the character where you will have to fight Mr Schroder. Once you have managed to beat Mr Schroder your next objective is to search his apartment looking for any more clues. Cole Phelps notices a small book which has a particular name in, Floyd Rose, after that your partner tells you to put the book back and call in it and that is where part 1 ends.

L.A Noire – Part 3 – The Driver’s Seat

Within part 3 of the game, you start to build up a reputation of getting the most arrests, therefore something in higher power than you comes over and asks you to conduct the interview and take charge of this crime. He starts to question whether you are ready for this and starts to teach you some of the tricks to get a confession from the suspect, four things you need to convict the suspect are; a motive, opportunity, hard evidence and most of all a confession. The next step to completing this part of the game is to interrogate the suspect and to get the truth out of ‘Mr.Kalou’ and in this part of the game and at every point of interrogation you always have three choices, whether to believe the suspect, doubt the suspect or think that the suspect is lying and which ever one you chose determines the outcome of what the suspect will say next.

After this particular scene is over it skips to the next, to where you have become a detective from all your hard work being a patrol officer. Being the new detective in this game isn’t easy not everyone will take a liking to you straight away but because of your hard work in the army you do have a little respect earned from other people. Once you have been briefed from your chief, you, ‘Cole Phelps’, and your partner are give an order to go to a crime scene that has been called in by a police officer. Your first objective is to find clues and to find out what has really happened at the scene. Before you have any chance to find out what has happened you are faced with a task of chasing down a gunman, but before you are able to take him down, he grabs a bystander and uses him as his own protection. At this point you are stuck in the scenario facing the criminal who has the innocent person hostage, your only option is to shoot the suspect in the head ending that part of the game and solving your first crime as a detective.




L3 Games Design: Film Noir Project

For our assignment we had to create an opening scene to a film based on the genre of a film noir. My group and I researched Films in the style of a Film Noir we then used our research to plan a film using a scene that was briefed to us. The scene that we had to prepare was – “A man or woman standing outside looking at a construction site assessing the scene, watching the cranes moving across the skyline. They take out their phone and dial a number, taking their other hand out of their pocket they look at their bruised and bloodied knuckles; they then get out a small envelope from the same pocket. they phone the phone to their ear, after a long pause they say “It’s done, but never ask me to do anything again!” –

Based on given confirmation from our teacher we have changed around the script so that we could make it more interesting and thus, to start of the film we have decided t0 begin with a low angled, long shot of the main character’s back turned to the camera facing over a wall towards the construction site in which the character is assessing, for an opening scene this allows the audience to be briefed into what the scene the character is set in and also gets to detail to the audience what the character looks like, it is important that his face is turned away and thus creates a scene in which the viewer knows the scene and character but is inquisitive to know the identity of the figure.

The next shot leads into a close-up shot of the main characters bloodied hand, already foreshadowing a tense scene is about to unfold, the viewer still doesn’t know the identity of the figure, and therefore increases the tension of the scene.

The next scene goes shows a close-up side profile of the figure’s face portraying a bland facial expression this reveals the identity of the figure reducing the tension of the scene however the bland facial expression from the figure now reveals the figures expression of their feelings, allowing the viewer to relate and tune into the emotion of the scene, in this case uneasy.

The scene then moves onto the same close up shot of the bloodied knuckles however this time the figures other pocket is exposed showing his hand fumbling around his pockets, creating a sense of curiosity and suspension as to what the character has stored inside their pocket. after a short period of feeling around the pocket, the character pulls out their phone fulfilling the viewers curiosity and allowing them to wonder what the character will do with the phone.