L3 Games Design: Task 3 – Sprites and Finished Level

These images here show my two sprites for the game that I am creating, one is my character sprite showing him walking and jumping. To create this sprite I designed my first idea for my character, which is also the stance for my character in the game. Once I got the stance completed I then created the walk cycle for my character. To do this I adjusted the feet and arms of the character until I got a completed cycle. Furthermore, this is the same situation for the jump cycle, I had the original stance and I adjust the arms, feet and the body to create the jump cycle.



These images show the editing screen that I have been working on and the settings that I’ve adjust to make my character walk and run.

To make my character jump I gathered all my sprites and created one flip-book and the same with making my character walk, gathered all the sprites and created a flip-book.


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