L3 Games Design: Task 1 – 2d Platform Games

Super Mario Bros.2 is a 2D side scrolling platform game that was released in Japan as Super Mario USA in 1988, the game was developed and published by Nintendo. The objective of the game is to play as one of four characters; Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach and to complete each level of the dream world Subcon and to defeat the main antagonist Wart. All characters are able to run, jump and climb obstacles within the game, but each character has there own unique power. Luigi can jump the highest out of the four characters, Princess Peach can jump the farthest, Toad’s strength allows him to pick up items quickly. Some of the abilities in this game were carried over to Super Mario 3d World which was designed for the Wii U. As opposed to the original Super Mario Bros, you could only moved left or right, vertically down in waterfalls, cloud and cave levels.

Compared to other Mario games, Super Mario Bros.2, the only way to defeat enemies was to collect pick ups and throw objects at the enemies, you were not allowed to jump on the enemies neither ride the enemies. Some of the objects included vegetables from the ground or from other enemies that you have already defeated.

Super Mario Bros.2 consisted of 20 different levels across seven different worlds. Each world would have there own different elements to it and each would have a different theme to it. Depending on what theme the level would be determines what the obstacles and enemies you would encounter in that particular level. For example, levels such as the desert would have certain dangerous areas such as quicksand and on the other hand, snowy areas would have slippery surfaces. Each level has there own ways of completing it and some would contain different rooms which you could enter via a door or ladder. Some rooms would contain magic potions found in each level which are used to temporarily access different parts of the level, an area where you could collect mushrooms and coins that would boost and maximum your health. Furthermore, there would also be certain jars, which can make you move to the later world or skip certain levels. Other items include cherries, which are collected and to be used to quickly destroy all the enemies visible on the screen.

Super Mario Bros.2 starts with three lives, which can be lost upon getting hit by enemies, hazard damage or the character falls of the screen. To gain extra lives the character can collect floating hearts that appear when defeating a certain number of enemies. Once all those lives have gone then you have failed that level and game over will appear on your screen. Although the player can continue up to two times in one game, additional lives can be obtained by collecting 1-up mushrooms or by using coins that you have collected.


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