Warburtons Evaluation

What Went Well? For me, creating each scene in PhotoShop was what went well during this project. It was something I enjoyed doing because it gave me the chance to try out different things and also taught me a few things that I didn’t know before I started the project. PhotoShop is a software that I’m familiar with so that was why I found it enjoyable  and easy to use. On the other hand, there was parts when creating the animation I did enjoy some parts of it, for example I enjoyed finding the right background music and getting the sound effects for the animation and editing them individual parts to get them into the correct places within the animation.

What Didn’t Go Well? The movement of the characters in After Effects was the part that I found most difficult throughout the whole Warburtons project. I found this difficult because they were all just one layer so it was harder to move the character. To move the character I had to use the puppet pin tool  and this was very difficult because I had to make sure that I didn’t distort the character. As well as this, if I had the characters body parts in different layers then the flow would be much smoother and then it would of been much easier to follow the walk cycle.

What I Could Improve On? When editing my animation in After Effects I found it hard to move the character to get the into a passing cycle because I didn’t create layers for each part of the body, therefore it was just all one layer. So then I had to use the puppet pin tool and place each point on the joint of the body and move the character by that. I found this part difficult because I had to make sure the character didn’t distort otherwise the character would not look right during the animation. This is one of the main things that I would improve on for next time. I would create numerous layers for different parts of the body. E.g. layers for the arms, layers for the legs, layers for the head and layers for the body etc. making it easier to move each character.

What I enjoyed? Throughout this project I really enjoyed using the different softwares because I learnt a lot of different things I could do within the softwares, things that I didn’t know before I started this project. I did prefer PhotoShop to After Effects because I found it easier to use but that was only because I’ve used it before so I knew what I was doing in the software, whereas, I had never really used After Effects, so I had to start to learn how it worked, but after a few tries I started to understand how it worked.


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