Alphabet Stop-Motion

This is my alphabet stop-motion. My letter that I had for this project was the letter J and for the stop-motion I decided to use jelly-beans for the meaning of the letter J. Firstly, I set up the camera in a position so that it was a good height to see the stop-motion, then, I started to take each photo and moving the jelly beans slowly to create the letter J until it was complete. Secondly, I transferred all 38 photos onto my computer, and then edited them all to create the stop-motion. Once that was all completed I then added some text, which would say ‘J is for…’ and ‘elly-bean’ just to it is easier to understand what the stop-motion is about. When adding the sound, I had to think about what would go well with the stop-motion, I didn’t want something that would be too powerful because then the focus would be taken off the actual stop-motion itself. For me, the background music goes really well with the stop-motion because it flows with the video


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