Warburtons – Animation Treatment

For our animation, we came up with the idea of using cartoon characters as our theme. We researched what type of characters we wanted to use and we came up with a few different ideas that we could use. The few ideas that we came up with was using characters such as Tom and Jerry and Scrooge McDuck. We chose these character because they have humour within their shows and they are very well know characters.

For our final idea we chose to use the cartoon characters/show Tom and Jerry. We chose these characters because they are very well know to the public and have a lot of comedy in their show. For our idea of Tom and Jerry we would have Tom, the cat, guarding the thin bagels whilst he is asleep, so then Jerry, the mouse, have to try and take the bagels without Tom realising but when Jerry attempts to take the bagels he wakes up Tom in the process. Jerry then runs away with the bagels, making Tom chase him around the house. When the chase is over Tom eventually catches Jerry but Jerry hits Tom over the head with a frying pan, dazing Tom and making Jerry free and for Jerry to go and enjoy the bagels.


Animation Mood Board

Animation Mood Board

This mood board shows all different types of animation that is used to create different types of films. There are many different types of animation, for example you have computer – generated animation, lego animation, 3D animation, 2D animation, flip – book animation, hand – drawn animation and plasticine animation which is linked to stop – motion.