Advertising Campaigns

  • This advert is all about Nike advertising there-selves and there involvement in sports, mainly football.
  •  The advert is mainly focused sport fanatics because this advert may not appeal to you if you are not into sports and do not understand what the advert is about.
  • It’s showing teenagers playing in a park and then the game going into one massive televised football match, this could be showing teenagers turning into football superstars because that’s what they may feel like when playing football or it’s who they look up to.
  • Wearing Nike football boots could mean that you do play as good as the professional players.
  • This advert does also show how being a professional player can get you the luxuries in life and that the opposite sex are attracted to you more.

Sound Loops: Police Response

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.16.32

This clip here is a sound loop of police responding to an incident. Firstly I gathered all the sounds that I wanted for it of free sound and downloaded them onto my desktop. Secondly I transferred them onto Adobe Audition where I created the sound loop for it. Once the sounds were on Audition I would play around with the sounds to create different effects for the sound loop. The first image is showing me editing the sound clips in Adobe Audition and the second image is my final piece uploaded onto SoundCloud.

30 images of Lancashire


These 30 images are all about Lancashire and is just a brief introduction to Lancashire. These images include the famous places or people in or from Lancashire. Each different picture represents something different there is in Lancashire.  Lancashire has a lot of different attractions that people are able to visit. Apart from the different museums and castles etc Lancashire has an attraction that sings. This is called the singing tree, this sings a tune through the pipes it is built from when the wind passes through it.

Task 2: Research – Colour and Team branding

For this task I was to extract the colours out of some Formula 1 cars and some Formula E cars. I was to look at existing teams, collect an image of there car or logo and extract the colour information using the eyedropper tool in photoshop.We done this task so we could get an idea of how the colours of the cars relate to the team or relate to the logo of the team. This was also to help us chose the colours that we would use when we create our teams and interfaces for our game.