Ideas, Planning and Development

At the start of this assignment I started learning about different software’s that I would be using throughout this assignment and experimenting with these software’s to see how I could use them and see what I could create. I did have to research about these software’s to see what different things you can do with the different objects within the software.

I still think for me that there are a lot of improvements for me to learn and to experiment with the different software’s for me to get the best designs.

For the first couple of weeks I researched about games, including the speedometer, race tracks and the soundtracks. For the first part of the research I was looking at the different game soundtracks that are in games and how within each different type of game there are different soundtracks to create different moods within the game. For example when playing a racing game the music will be very fast and upbeat to give that energetic feel to the game, whereas if you were playing a game where you was just free-roaming about or doing missions, like Grand Theft Auto, the soundtrack would be a lot different because the genre is a lot different. With Grand Theft Auto it all depends on what type of mission you are doing.

Next I started experimenting with creating my own soundtracks on GarageBand and see what I could try and make. Our game is based on racing so my aim is to create a fast soundtrack and that what I will be trying to do in the coming weeks when we do create our two sound loops.

I then started to look at the different interfaces within the game like the speedometers and the different maps that there are. Once we researched the different interfaces I then used illustrator to create my own speedometers, which do need improving, and I then started to create a few maps using google maps to get the track that I wanted. To do this using google maps I found a place where I wanted to base my track in, then I made sure that I was able to get a view of the roads. I then screenshotted the map I liked and transferred it into illustrator and then used the pen tool to draw on the roads so I was able to get the outline of the track.

In the next couple of weeks I will be focusing on creating the right soundtrack for my game and making sure that it is the right soundtrack for the right genre of the game. For my soundtrack I want to make it fast and exciting because it will give the game more of an energetic feel for the game.


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