Ambient Sound Loop Planning

Qualification BTEC Extended Diploma in iMGD
Unit Number(s) and Title(s) 58  

Sound for Interactive Media


Assignment Title Ambient Sound Loop – Research
Assessor Mark Parsons
Issue Date 5/11/15 Deadline 17/12/15


Task: Write about the following Response
Type of production


Computer Game Level – how long/what kind of scene/intention of loop?

The soundtrack for my game is going to be around 2 minutes long and the intention of it is to produce a chilled soundtrack for my game. I want to do this because that’s what I want my game to be, I want it to be a chilled game that people would enjoy. Although it is based it the streets of London which are very busy streets, I want to make it a chilled soundtrack for people to enjoy.




Did it cost anything e.g. Stock music purchases?

For me this production did not cost anything.




Produce a weekly planner:

01 Learning to use GarageBand


07 Pt1 Submission
02 Learning to use Audition


08 Creating theme using GarageBand
03 Researching audio and sound


09 Editing theme using Audition
04 Researching audio and sound


10 EditingLoop1 using Audition
05 Ideas, Planning and Development


11 EditingLoop2 using Audition
06 Preparing for Pt1 submission


12 Submitting Pt2


Was anyone else involved in the production?

No one else was involved in the production.




Computer/Software requirements – Recording equipment use?

The software’s that I used to create a soundtrack were Garage Band and Audition.




Names of people involved with any used sound files.

The only involvement in the production of the ambient sound loops what a soundtrack of free sound.




Where did you use the computers? Recording locations?

To create the sound loops I used the computers at college because I didn’t have the access at home but now I do so to create my final piece I will be doing it at college whilst doing it at home as well.


Health and Safety


Sound Levels/Working at computers/etc.

When working there are certain procedures to take to make sure that you do not damage your eyes or hearing. To protect your eyes from getting damaged, you are advised to take a break every twenty minutes just so your eyes can rest from constantly looking at the screen. To protect your hearing, the music must not be too loud but at the certain volume so it is good enough for you to hear it clearly.


Codes of Practice


MCPS-PRS/TIGA/BIMA clearances to use files

The clearances from freesound all depend on which files I use. Depending on what files I use determines what I can do and can’t do with the file that I download.




Sound file list


What specific files did you use/how long/etc.?

FreesoundTrack01.MP3 and Background Sound for game.MP3


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