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For this take I had to choose 6 different letters within a certain front, mine is Cooper Black. After I created the letter I then used the free transformation tool to adjust the size and angle of the letter so that you were unable to tell what letters it could be. For this task I had to do 6 letters it in a normal black and white and then another 6 in colour with a background colour.



Screenshot 2015-10-22 15.36.59 Screenshot 2015-10-22 15.37.27 Screenshot 2015-10-22 15.37.15 Screenshot 2015-10-22 15.37.50 Screenshot 2015-10-22 15.37.46Screenshot 2015-10-22 15.37.41

For this task it was all about creating our own patterns and I made five of my own. To do this I created a pattern that I liked, and then when I were happy with the pattern I went to windows > pattern options and then adjusted the options to make them correct for our patterns.